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                                                                               Hosted by "Redneck"                                                                          


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Quotes From: Aaron ~AK~ Kane (A&R Scout for Atlantic Records)..... Scott A. Stout, a.k.a "RedNeck" has been a good friend of mine for along time now. I can truly say without hesitation that he is highly educated and intelligent when it comes to the music industry. He knows what he is talking about and has a fantastic ear. In the past and even today, he has brought to me numerous bands and solo acts that have actually helped me at being better at my job as an A&R.The emotional experience that we get from music will always be there, no matter the format. I have worked with him on many successful projects and we will continue to in the future. Thank You and God Bless, Aaron Kane aka ~AK~ (Atlantic A&R Scout) Quotes
Kind Words from Aaron ~AK~ Kane

Quotes Gumbo Ya Ya radio is the best!! Red Neck is a lost family member in NJ and I am proud to call him as my own. He heard my music a few years ago and we got in contact.He has helped me with my previous band (Slammin Dixie from Eastern NC) by booking several shows in the Jersey,New York and Conneticut area!! Help spreading the word,he also helped me get connected in Nashville where soon I will be making my first album. He is making headway in the entertainment business and becoming one of the hottest internet radio shows in the world. Rock on BROTHER and HOOKEM HORNS!!!!!!!! Quotes
Ben Rush
Gumbo YaYa Radio Show Is The Best!

Quotes What's up, Redneck?!?!?! LOVE the show and what you do for artists like myself. Without radio support, artists at our level don't really have much of a chance to be heard. With all the giant conglomerants and most of the programing being done by a limited few, there are less and less mom and pop radio stations and shows such as yalls, which are willing to play music from artists who are not signed to major record labels. Thank God for yall believing in us and supporting our efforts. Tony Young - solo country artist and frontman for King Cotton, Tallahassee, Florida ( and Quotes
Here's what Tony Young had to say 'bout us!

Quotes Review From TJWay: Gumbo Yaya Radio WRCR 1300 am is a superb show, dedicated to helping indie artists get needed exposure for their talents. They are a great team of hardworking and fun individuals bringing across the best of music from around the globe. They are passionate about the music they share, and artists they feature on their shows. Most of all, they are not limited to airing and sharing various Genres of music, and I think that is a tripple AAA plus on their part. I personally commend them for it, and I feel they will become very successful in their approach of choice. They have the right attitude, and they have my support. I hope they will gain your support too. Last but certainly not least, I would like to sincerely thank (Red Neck) host of Gumbo Yaya radio show, for his support in the soul touchers music, and the artists I am affiliated with and work with (Erin Gannon Simms and Shelly Rann), for also being an a Quotes
Red Neck
Here is a Review of the show by Miss TJ Way

Quotes I tried to type my testimonial in the guest book but it kept timing me out. I'm going to try once more but if I fail...can you please paste this in for me? Gumbo Ya Ya radio is the best largely due to the deep-roots, southern soul of the host that calls himself "Red Neck". Red Neck really knows his stuff and "gets" the kind of music and vibe that bands like the Mississippi Cadillac Blues Band works so hard to produce. All musicians should appreciate his efforts in spreading the word about promising indie bands and the respect that he shows them. With his great ear he is set to bust out in the entertainment business and become one of the better known internet radio shows in the world. I'm pleased that I will be able to say "I knew him when". Bud Bays of the Mississippi Cadillac Blues Band Quotes
Message from Bud Bays

Quotes Let me tell you something about the Gumbo Yaya - if you like your music and fun to be rowdy, raucous, and slightly insane, you will love this show. Red Neck loves QUALITY americana music...he has an ear for it and if he wouldn't punch me in the teeth for it I would go so far as to call him a curator of the genre. I tune in from Texas every Wednesday. He's that good. ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!!!! Quotes
Artist, Fan, Patriot